Xiaomi’s Mi Bunny Kids Wearable Allows Parents To Track Their Kids


It’s a cute watch that keeps your kids safe

If you’ve ever had your kid disappear from your sight when you’re out and about, you know very well the sense of panic and dread that you get while you frantically search for them in a sea of people. That’s why you’ll love Xiaomi’s new wearable, the Mi Bunny wearable that’s been designed especially for kids.

The new wearable is a cleverly disguised GPS tracker that uses both GPS and GLONASS positioning systems that show your kids location on your smartphone. The wearable comes with a SIM slot for data, and can send seven seconds of recorded audio straight to your smartphone as well as quick voice calls. A small 300mAh battery lives inside of it that gives it 6 days of stand-by time.

It’s also rather cheap – coming in at just 299 RMB or Php 2.1K converted without taxes or duties.

John Nieves

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