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Xiaomi’s Redmi 5 Plus Is A Battery Champ

12 hours on a single charge?!?

We’re finishing up our full review on the Redmi 5 Plus, but before we share our thoughts on Xiaomi’s budget 18:9 phone, we’d like to give you guys a quick look at the PCMark Battery benchmark score that we got from it today.

PCMark Battery benchmark is a synthetic test that we use to run down a phone’s battery to determine how long it’ll last on a single charge. And while nothing beats real life usage, synthetic tests allows us to fairly compare each phone to each other without the human element clouding the results.

Phones that score at around the 8 hour mark traditionally have enough juice in them to last for around a day of moderate use, and is usually the average that we see in smartphones nowadays.

Surprisingly enough, the Redmi 5 Plus managed to score an astounding score of 12 hours and 24 minutes on a single charge!

While we expected good battery endurance from the phone thanks to its 4000mAh battery, we didn’t expect that good of a score. In comparison the ZenFone 4 Max Pro that has a less power-hungry processor and display only scored 3 hours more, despite having 1000mAh more juice. Considering the Redmi 5 Plus has a more power hungry Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor plus a bigger 5.99-inch Full HD+ IPS display, that score is nothing short of phenomenal.

We’re finishing up our full review of the Redmi 5 Plus, so stay tuned till then. Big thanks again to GearBest for providing our review unit. 

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Snapdragon 625 is not power hungry. One of the first mobile chip manufactured using the 14nm process, it is one of the most power efficient around. Devices using that chip have consistently top battery tests. Zenfone 3, MI Max 2, MI Note 4x are some of those. Xiaomi has sticked with that chip even if it is over a year old for a reason, one of the best mid level chip, enough power to run most apps, power efficient and no heating issues.

    It is only recently that Mediatek has released a good competitor in the P23 uses in OPPO F5.

  2. I understand that you guys are trying to sell the Zenfone 4 Max but saying things like the Snapdragon 625 is MORE POWER HUNGRY compared to the SD 430 is complete bullshit. Come on John, it’s either you delete this article or just rewrite the whole thing.

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