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YouPoundit Wants To Get Rid Of The Crappy Online Shopping Experience

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Customer satisfaction at its best

Kristian Salvo, CEO and Founder of a new online e-commerce site YouPoundit.com, knows full well how crappy the online shopping experience can be. “It can be frustrating at times,” he said. “We expect to get good service when we go to a restaurant when we spend hundreds of pesos, but we don’t expect the same from retailers that we give thousands and thousands of our hard-earned money to,” he adds.

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That’s why his new e-commerce company, YouPoundit.com, aims to change all of that. We’ve all heard of horror stories of buying from online e-commerce sites and the nightmares of dealing with customer service and support when things go wrong. Oftentimes it’s a massive hassle, filled with frustrating hours of tracking down people to talk to, emailing back and forth to see what’s happening with your case, etc. Kristian, ex-BlackBerry Country Manager recognizes the fact that shopping online needs to be convenient, hassle-free AND come with great customer support, not just pricing.

That’s why customer service is what YouPoundit is all about. From start to finish, the site promises a better, nicer experience for users who are sick and tired of the crappy online shopping experience. Mark Reyes, another fellow BlackBerry alumni and current head of Business Development for the site says that they answer any and all questions of customers from the start of the shopping process (when they’re actually looking at stuff to buy) until the customer is satisfied with their purchase. Kristian even says that they sometimes over communicate, sending customers the status of their orders even when then don’t ask for it, just to give them updates where the products are.

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We’ve tried their site firsthand and we can tell you right away, their customer support is spot on. From the moment we visited YouPoundit.com, a little chat box opens on the right of the page, ready to assist you with any question that you may have. Even as an anonymous customer (did not fill in any customer form) their reply to our query (about a GoPro Session) was quick, and they helped us try to decide if we should buy a GoPro Hero 4 or the Session. They even offered video reviews of the Hero 4 for us to peruse while we were thinking about the purchase.

That’s a level of customer service that we’ve only seen in YouPoundit, which is what Kristian intended. As far as pricing goes, Kristian says that the site prices its products “in between retail and grey market pricing”. Speaking of grey market and parallel imports, Kristian says that they get their stocks from official sources, and very rarely puts an item that’s not officially offered in the PH (the only item that they said is a grey market import is the Apple watch). That means people who shop on their site also get official warranty and replacement if something does go wrong.

From (L-R): Mark Reyes (Operations, YouPoundit), Jojo the Love Survivor, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, Ra Rivera (Content/Social Media, YouPoundIt), Kristian Salvo (Founder & CEO, YouPoundIt), Lourd de Veyra
From (L-R): Mark Reyes (Operations, YouPoundit), Jojo the Love Survivor, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, Ra Rivera (Content/Social Media, YouPoundIt), Kristian Salvo (Founder & CEO, YouPoundIt), Lourd de Veyra

Aside from their focus on customer service, YouPoundit also relies on a little bit of star power and social media to get the ball rolling on some of their products. Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, Lourd de Veyra and RA Rivera also contribute to the site’s fame and popularity by making videos that tell less than tech-savvy customers what to expect from some of the products that they sell.

You can check out their site at YouPoundit.com.

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