ZAGG Folio Keyboard Case for the iPad Air

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The Perfect Keyboard Case for the iPad Air?

The Zagg Folio Keyboard Case is quite possibly the best case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard for the new iPad Air. It’s made from high quality materials, keeps a thin profile, and the keyboard itself is packed with a bunch of pretty cool features. The biggest downside is probably the price since the SRP in Singapore is around 169 SGD. That’s approximately Php5,000-Php5,500 (we got this from SG, not sure if available already locally).

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Keeps the iPad Air Thin


The case definitely adds weight and some thickness to the iPad Air but it doesn’t become as bulky like an Otterbox wrapped iPad. ZAGG was able to keep it respectably thin, kinda like how the iPad Air would look like if you slipped it inside a case from brands like SwitchEasy. Compared to the Adonit Writer Plus case, which we think was one of the most popular keyboard cases for the previous generation iPad, the ZAGG Folio feels much more like a natural and normal leather folio case.

In terms of build, ZAGG used a rough kind of leather for the exterior of the case. The material reminded us a lot of the same material used for dashboards or steering wheels in cars. It’s definitely tough and shock absorbent enough to keep the iPad Air secure.


Along the side of the case you’ll find the power button, pairing control, and a micro USB port for charging.

Over-all the form factor of the ZAGG Folio is superb! It keeps the iPad Air light and thin despite the added functionality of a kick-ass custom keyboard.

Keyboard is Awesome


Through the years ZAGG has made a lot of great cases using quality keyboards. It’s the same with the ZAGG Folio. Keys are spaced nicely and they’re very responsive and tactile. We had no problem typing long messages, documents, or e-mails on the iPad Air (rarely made big mistakes). What even makes the keyboard more appealing is that it’s actually backlit!


There’s a button on the keyboard with a lightbulb which toggles the brightness of the LED lights. This will obviously affect battery life so use it only when needed. ZAGG took the back light a step further as well by adding a battery life button. Press it and the color it lights up with indicates how much juice the keyboard has left (green to red).


When it comes to the keyboard, ZAGG nailed it with this case.

Yoohooo Someone Bring this to the PH!

The ZAGG Folio is the best keyboard case we’ve ever seen for any iPad! The keyboard is amazing and ZAGG was also able to keep the case lightweight and thin. It is definitely best-in-class.

That said, someone should bring this to the Philippines! Hayup ang ganda e.

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