Zeiss Camera Tech Is Returning To Nokia Phones

HMD Oy is teaming up with an old Nokia partner

HMD Oy, the people behind the resurrected Nokia phone brand has managed to score a new partnership that old school tech aficionados know well. The company has announced that they have inked an agreement with Ziess, the famed German optics manufacturer that collaborated with the Finnish company for many of their iconic camera phones when cameras on phones was a luxury.

This is the second time that Zeiss will be collaborating with the Nokia brand. Their first outing produced a number of iconic and innovative smartphones such as the Nokia N series, and the record-breaking (at the time) 41-megapixel capable Nokia 808 Pureview.

According to the release of HMD Oy (the company that now has the rights to manufacture devices under the Nokia name), the partnership is a long-term one. “Our fans want more than a great smartphone camera, they want a complete imaging experience that doesn’t just set the standard but redefines it. Our fans expect it and, together with Zeiss, we’re delivering it – co-developed imaging excellence for all,” Arto Nummela, CEO of HMD Global said.

“The collaboration of HMD Global with ZEISS for Nokia smartphones will again enhance consumers’ holistic imaging experience based on excellence and innovation. Our partnership is built on a solid foundation,” said Dr. Matthias Metz, Member of the Executive Board of Zeiss Group.

We’re definitely excited for this partnership – HMD Oy’s long awaited Nokia flagship may very well be the first to benefit from the fruit of the partnership, though there’s no information as of yet when Zeiss co-developed smartphones will make their apperance.

John Nieves

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  1. The best camera phone ever built was the Nokia 808 pureview. Picture quality is stunning with every small detail captured. This phone was even compared to top DSLR cameras then and N808 came at par (or maybe better) with DSLR’s. I am hoping that HMD Oy can also bring the Pureview technology in its upcoming units.

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