Zenfone 3 To Be Announced In June, Intel Out, Qualcomm and MediaTek In


Will still cater to the mid-range segment

We’re just a few weeks away from ASUS’ Zenvolution event to be held in COMPUTEX, where the company is expected to announce their upcoming Zenfone 3 family of devices. While there have been rumors of the possible hardware of the devices to be unveiled on June, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has confirmed the makers of the processorsĀ that will be usedĀ for the new phones.

There’s been wide speculation that Intel will no longer be providing the hardware for the top-of-the-line model and Shen has confirmed it – speaking to Taiwanese outfit DigiTimes, Shen said that the 90% of the phones in the Zenfone 3 family will have Qualcomm processors while the remaining 10% will rock MediaTek chips. Additionally, Shen said that they expect 2/3rds of the total sales from the new family of phones will come from the upcoming Zenfone 3 Max while the rest will come from the Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 3 Deluxe.

The upcoming Zenfone 3 series will be aimed solely at the mid-range market, which has been the main focus of ASUS since the beginning.


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  1. LoL this means that the Zenfone 3 will be twice as expensive, no more budget price that Asus proudly got it’s fame from.

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