MiFi that connects to HSPA+!
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Telcos are now aggressively rolling out faster and better mobile internet networks (HSPA+). Globe has the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini while Smart has the Smart Bro Rocket. These are just plug-it USB modems though and they haven’t made any MiFi devices yet. To those looking for an HSPA+ capable MiFi you might want to consider the ZTE MF60.

If you want one just head over to Hotgadgets on Sulit. It’s currently being sold for Php7,500.

Here’s the full review of Yugatech.

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  1. Hi, I hate to ask, but I recently picked up a ZTE and I’m having some issues. Hoping someone will take pity on me 😉 I’m a newcomer to the Philippines and I recently picked up a ZTE and a SmartBro card, trying to get some portable internet set up.

    Sadly, I can’t seem to get the thing to work, either with my MacBook, my iPhone, or my iPad. I’m able to turn on the ZTE, access it, see that it’s connected to the smart network … and that’s it. I don’t seem to be able to access any outside site.

    Do you happen to have any tips for getting this thing to work? Other than purchasing the SIM card at the Smart store and having it activated, is there any other activation of the card that needs to take place?

    1. Hi Nathan! Need more info from you.

      1. Did you buy the ZTE modem from Smart or some store?
      2. What Smart simcard are you using? Postpaid or prepaid? If it’s postpaid you have to wait for it to activate.

  2. Hi, thanks for your help! No, I bought the modem from a chap at the local bazaar … supposedly unlocked so it should work with any sim. Using the prepaid SmartBro card. Looking at the admin screen of the ZTE modem, it appears that I’m actually getting cell signal with it, I can even send a text to my Smart number, but I can’t seem to access any sites other than the inbuilt admin screen.

    Once again, thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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