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Self Protection and Home Sanitation Items to Get on Lazada’s 9.9 Sale (September 9)

In times like these you may find yourself being paranoid; if you’re like me, this means spraying your hands with alcohol every 5 minutes, hand-washing more times than you’d care to admit, and nuking everything with Lysol.

Doing all of that doesn’t even completely put one’s mind at ease, but it does help go the extra mile for the sake of safety.

With that said, we’ve rounded up “counter-pandemic”  items that are getting price slashes on Lazada’s 9.9 Sale; These should help you both in and out of your home, check it out:

MicroBang Fine Continuous Spray Water Bottle

From PHP 899 to PHP 299 (70% OFF)


As much as we’d want to, we can’t carry those “whole garden” level sprays around to dispense our alcohol or other disinfecting agents. So we resort to either tapping our sprays multiple times or, crudely removing the nozzle and pouring inefficient amounts on our hands. Well, that ends as soon as you get this continuous spray bottle! Simply put you just have to hold down the trigger for this dispenser and it will keep dispensing!

Shop it here! We’ve added multiple orders of the 300 ML variant to our carts!

Hygienix Germ Kill 70% Alcohol 1 Gallon

PHP 520 to PHP 442 (15% OFF)

Fill that new continuous dispenser of yours with this 70% Alcohol solution from Hygienix. Pretty nice price slash for 9.9, 1 Gallon of the solution for the sub-PHP 500 price tag! Get it here.


Banale High Performance N-99 Silver Layer Mask

PHP 1,999 to PHP 1,919 (PHP 80 OFF)

Look hype while protecting yourself with this mask from Urban Traveler. You should consider shopping this, especially if you’re still using a valve-type mask.


MagiCopper Mask

PHP 500 TO PHP 344 (32% OFF)


If you want something more subtle, this Magicopper mask is for you! Its “lighter” on the face and is made to fit the shape of faces more than other masks. If you’re wondering what’s so “magical” about it, the mask has a layer of anti-microbial copper that kills pathogens.  Check it out here!

Ruibo MOMAX Q.Power UV-Box

PHP 3,865 to PHP 1,772 (54% OFF)


This case from Momax is pretty cool, it doubles both as a sanitation box for your phone and also a wireless charger(10W) Check your phone’s dimensions first before pulling the trigger though!

If it fits, then shop it here!



PHP 9,000 to Php 5,200 (40% OFF)


We spent quite a bit of time looking for a reliable looking, close to home UV light lamp, and thanks to this product from Lasco, we found one. This sterilizer lamp even comes with a variety of wattage you can choose from, depending on how big of an area you’re looking to sterilize.

You can check it out here! (They even advertise the lab results they got from Hi Precision Diagnostics.)

TYLEX XF58 Handheld UV Light Sterilizer

PHP 1,899 to PHP 759 (64% OFF)


If you’re looking for a UV Lamp that’s still compact but packs a bit more juice, we found this one from Tylex, the XF58.  This is probably a good alternative to dousing your car’s interior with Lysol every time. Grab the XF58 here!

Lysol Disinfectant Spray With Crisp Linen Scent 510g Set of 2

PHP 980 to PHP 862.40 ( 12% OFF)


If you feel iffy about spending any amount for UV lamps and wands, you can always go the usual route and get disinfectant sprays.  Like I mentioned, I nuke stuff with Lysol and they have deals in place too, a set of 2 of their tall 510g canister!

Shop it here, would personally recommend the Linen scented one, but maybe that’s just me.


Lysol Germ Protection Hand & Body Wipes 50 Pulls Set of 2

PHP 300 TO PHP 210 (30% OFF)


This one’s new to me, and it’s going straight to my cart. Disinfectant wipes from Lysol. Shop it here too!


Cherry Ion with KN95 Mask

PHP 4,000 to PHP 3,700 (PHP 300 OFF)


The Cherry Ion is a good extra layer of protection that boasts features like the reduction of germs, allergens, airborne viruses, dusts and mold in the air. We personally picked this one based on trusting the brand, plus “the all business” black and silver color way makes it easier to wear. Shop it here along with a KN95 Mask to boot.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

PHP 23,500 to PHP 17,625 (25% OFF)


Keep the air around you cool and clean with this air purifier/cooler from Dyson. It has HEPA filters that captures allergens, bacteria, viruses and other particulates in the air. You can easily monitor the unit as well via an LCD screen at its base. Do note that this is a personal air purifier so don’t expect industrial fan levels of power, but it does advertise a 30 sq meter efficacy. Shop it here! 



PHP 899 to PHP 389 (60% OFF)

Since, the old “couple of stomps on the door mat” isn’t going to work with bacteria and viruses, a disinfectant mat like this will come in handy, especially if you’re constantly being required to go out of your house. On a side note, for our sneakerhead readers( maybe you just don’t want your shoes to start yellowing or to get tarnished), you’ll still need to be careful with the disinfecting agent you use.

Check it out here! 


AxL. No Touch Tool

PHP 275 to PHP 178 (32% OFF)


Ditch using pens, and the elbow method and grab one of these no contact tools. Only complaint from us is the short “hook” for opening doors, but other than that it’s discreet and easy to carry around.


That’s it, just remember that these are in no way complete replacements to social distancing, thorough washing of hands and other safety protocols in place.

These items are meant as supplements to the precautions you’re hopefully already taking. Stay safe Unbox Fam and see you in the next guide!


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