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5 Weird Places Where We Heard Someone Start Clash of Clans

Crazy addictive game
Crazy addictive game

It’s safe to say that a lot of Filipnos are hooked on Clash of Clans. It’s a brutally addictive game and people of different ages are spending not just their time, but their money on it as well (gems!). There’s a fine line though between casually enjoying something and being too addicted to it. In the last two weeks alone we’ve heard the opening audio of COC in places where people shouldn’t be playing games. In most of these situations, it was downright disrespectful and we were tempted to grab the phone of the person and throw it to the gutter, hehe.

In a Taxi… While the Driver was Driving

We were riding one of those ride-sharing app services and while in the middle of EDSA we suddenly hear the opening theme audio of CoC start. We initially thought it was the ring tone of the driver until we heard the sounds of elixir and gold being redeemed. Seriously? I wouldn’t be surprised if we bumped the car in front of us because the driver wasn’t paying attention to the road! We called his attention and the driver sheepishly put the phone away.

Church Service 🙁

Now this is just sad. We were in church and while the sermon was going on we hear that oh-so-familiar “tun dun dun dun”. What’s funny is that a lot of people actually recognized the sound and there was nervous laughter in the congregation. The preacher ignored it though (like a pro) and continued with his message. We never found out who that person was.

In a Press Conference While the Resource Person was Speaking

We were attending a press conference and in the middle of the spiels of the resource person, the camera man beside us from a TV network pulled out his phone and started playing CoC. He didn’t put it on silent prior so the opening theme played again. We could see that the resource person was irked just by the expression on his face, hehe. We asked the camera man why he started playing and he just said “kailangan umattack malapit na mawala shield”. Homaygosh.

In a Bar… Seriously? Just Drink and Chill Dude

One of the those speakeasy bars in Makati. We were having a fun time drinking, eating, and chilling when we heard not one… but two CoC opening themes in succession. Apparently the people on the table beside us were clan mates and they were about to go to war.

While We Were Giving a Presentation

The ultimate insult! We heard the CoC opening theme in the middle of us giving a presentation. What’s sad is that it didn’t even come from the people who were hearing our presentation but from one of our colleagues, hahaha! To be fair to him it wasn’t a case of him starting CoC, it just so happened that his message alert tone was the CoC theme and he just forgot to put his phone to silent. Still annoying though.

All of these 5 experiences happened in the last 2 weeks alone. Crazy eh? Crazy stupid. >_<; So yeah, if you guys want to play CoC, do it in your free time and not when you're in the middle of something important, much less if you're taking part of a communal activity like Church! Lastly, if you really, really, really have to check the game, the least you could do is to put the friggin' phone on silent before you start it up. Anyway, how about you guys? Have you ever had the same experience when someone fired up CoC in a place or event that he/she shouldn't? Let us know in the comments section below.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. Guess im just a bit old skul, but everytime somebody mentions CoC, its CoC generals that comes to my head.hehe CoC or red alert ftw!

  2. Madami niyan sa sinehan. Especially yung mga inutil na magulang na di magawang isilent ang tablet ng mga anak nila. Binabato ko sila ng popcorn everytime nag iingay ang cellphone nila since bastos din sila sa mga nagbabayad para manood.

    1. Ha! Mejo harsh, but completely understand. I really hate it when people do that in cinemas. May nakita na nga ako na nagselfie pa sa loob ng sinehan WHILE THE MOVIE WAS STILL RUNNING. Hayop.

  3. Eto malupet, sa bus ako along Edsa, yung nakaupo sa harap ko COC galore lang habang may nagaganap na nakawan, may nakasakay kasi na mga snatcher na nang iipit peru sya attack lang a, hahahaha btw pera yung nakuha sa nanakawan.

  4. Madami rin akong na-encounter na ganyan. Meron pa nga, sa school. Habang nagsasalita yung principal namin (he was giving out tips for our National Achivement Test), everyone was eagerly listening until… “Tun dun dun dun!”

    Jusme nakaka-badtrip. Di na nahiya sa principal. Hahaha.

    1. Ulol. Piliin mo ang lugar kung saan ka maglalaro. Magkulong ka sa bahay mo o pumunta ka sa luneta kung ayaw mo sa lugar na pinuntahan mo. Pinapakita mong bastos ka sa ibang tao kaya tama lang na masermunan ka pag ginawa mo yan habang may misa bobo.

    2. Wala nman talaga kaming paki kahit saan mo gustong mglaro. Ang samin lang, matuto kang gumalang… Sa simbahan pa talaga ha? Wag ka nlng magsimba kung ganun. Pero ewan ko lng kng nkapasok kna nga dun. ????

    3. Obvious troll is obvious. Congratulations for successfully feeding (and entertaining) the troll above, guys.

  5. Looks the like cab driver is more concerned about the safety of his gold coins & elixir than yours. Anyway, that is unprofessional in monumental proportions.

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