Acer Kicks Off Predator League 2020

Another eSports Tournament to look forward to this year

Acer Predator gets ready for Predator League 2020 as it kicks off the annual tournament with the Philippine Qualifiers. For this year, teams can register for 16 regional qualifiers in either DoTA 2 or PUBG at all TNC branches nationwide.

Phase 1 will be the PUBG qualifiers and will span from September to October, while Phase 2 will be the DoTA 2 Qualifiers, which will span from October to November. Both tournaments will offer prize pools of Php 120,000 and Php 160,000 respectively. Come November, Predator League will be holding the Philippines Finals, where a Php 500,000 prize pool is at stake.

For this year, the Philippines will host the Predator League 2020, Asia-Pacific Finals—which is significant as it is proof to the country’s growing eSports community.

For this year, Predator is the official title sponsor for TNC Dota 2 Pro Team and ArkAngel PUBG Pro Team. Team ArkAngel is one of the biggest names for competitive PUBG, having placed 7th at the 2019 Predator League Finals, while TNC Predator bagged the championship for DoTA 2 at the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) in Chongqing, China.

Gamers can register at


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