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AlDub Shatters Previous Record with 25.6M Tweets for #AlDubEBforLove

Their first "no-touch" selfie
Their first “no-touch” selfie

AlDub Continues to Break Twitter and the Internet

Last Saturday AlDub shook the Twitterverse by hitting more than 11M tweets in less than 24 hours. Yesterday they doubled that feat hitting 25.6M tweets with the hashtag #AlDubEBforLove. That’s definitely an incredible achievement and we’re currently verifying with our sources and contacts from Twitter to see if it’s a solid record for the Philippines, Asia, or the world.


So far what we know is that they already surpassed the number of tweets from this year’s VMAs (around 21M tweets). A lot of people have also been saying that the tweets from yesterday’s show eclipsed the record of the Super Bowl. The initial number that floated on Facebook and eventually on Twitter was 25.1M. However upon checking with the Twitter Blog, we fell short by 3M.

All night, the conversation around #SB49 dominated Twitter. Over 28.4 million global Tweets containing terms related to the game and halftime show were sent during the live telecast

Source: Twitter Blog

So there you go. Bitin ng 3M, hehe. AlDub fans won’t take this sitting down though so if the episode next Saturday is hyped properly by Eat Bulaga and the fans are given a reason to go on a massive Twitter party, we might see that record get broken next week.

ABS-CBN also had a massive day in Twitter with #ShowTimeKapamilyaDay going over 6M tweets.

Congratulations to the #AlDubNation and all the Kapamilya Show Time fans! TV is definitely alive and kicking despite the age of digital and social media.

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