AMD Updates Radeon Adrenalin with New Features

Radeon Boost, Organized game library, and more 

AMD updates its Radeon Adrenalin software with a refreshed UI and new features. For the 2020 version of Adrenalin, AMD improved the installation process with a one-click setup and an updated factory reset feature that lets you keep your current settings for future installs. AMD claims that the streamlined installation process is 34% faster compared to the previous edition of Adrenalin.

Setting up Adrenalin is made more convenient in the 2020 version with three preset user profiles—gaming, eSports, standard, along with the option of having multiple user profiles.

Accessing Adrenalin is done by an Alt+R command that you can execute even while in-game. As for the UI itself, AMD revamped it by having a dedicated desktop home screen and in-game screen, with the former having a game center that acts as a portal to all your games—regardless of what platform you purchased them.

Aside from serving as a one-stop-shop game portal, Adrenalin 2020 comes with a built-in web browser for those who need to check guides and walkthroughs online without physically leaving the game. For streamers and gaming creators, Adrenalin 2020 has a media capture feature for creating GIFs, images, and game footage replays.

For the geeks out there, Adrenalin 2020 gives you access to total playtime and average FPS per game, which is helpful in determining if your Radeon GPU can handle your favorite title and if you need to upgrade your components.

To make the most out of your Radeon cards, Adrenalin comes with user-requested features like Integer Display Scaling for a more retro-style look, Radeon Anti-Lag for improved input response, Media Filters for cleaning up photos and videos for content sharing, and Radeon Boost.

Radeon Boost aims to optimize older and non-top tier Radeon GPUs by increasing FPS performance when dynamic in-game movement is detected. AMD claims that Radeon Boost improves performance by as much as 38% for Overwatch and 22% for PUBG.

Adrenalin 2020 is available for download starting today.

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