Apple Outs Move To iPhone App in Google Play, Gets Immediately Crushed By 1 Star Ratings

Move to iOS

Well, this is awkward

Apple has created a simple, easy app on Google Play that allows Android users to migrate all of their data from their Android device to a brand-spanking new iPhone of their choice. The Move to iOS Android app is currently the only app that Apple has released on Google Play, and predictably the rabid anti-Apple crowd immediately gave the app 1-star reviews as fast as they could.

Move to iOS 2

This isn’t surprising, considering the heated Android Vs. iOS rivalry that has been going on for since both ecosystems emerged but it still doesn’t make it less funny. Currently, Apple’s lone Android app is sitting at two stars, with 1,967 1 star ratings.

Regardless of what you think about it, Apple’s Move to iPhone app is useful for people who want to move to the company’s ecosystem without any hassle. You can download the app here.

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