GrabTaxi Transitions to Cashless Payments

Image via TechCrunch

7000 GrabTaxis with cashless payments will be made available nationwide

Joining in with the government’s push for cashless transactions for public transportation, Grab is working with various taxi operators in the country to implement cashless payments.

Part of the transition to cashless payments includes training thousands of taxi drivers and operators in using GrabPay and highlighting its key features, along with best practices for safety and hygiene as the country transitions to the new normal.

Together with the transition to cashless payments, Grab’s cashless system will be paired with DoH’s contact tracing system.

Starting today, 400 taxis from Baguio and Naga city will resume operations, implementing cashless payments for all rides. In the long term, Grab has prepared 7000 GrabTaxis that can conduct cashless transactions.

We believe that by adopting cashless payment for public transportation, we will reduce the risk of spreading the infection through cash,  but likewise improve our contact tracing capability,’ Grab Philippines President Brian Cu said.

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