Lazada and PayMaya Launch Online Donation Initiatives

In trying times like these, a little help counts—especially to frontliners who are working day and night in addressing the COVID-19 scare. For those who are staying at home to prevent further spread of the virus, PayMaya and Lazada have launched their respective initiatives in gathering donations for COVID-19 relief and response.

PayMaya’s #OneAgainstCOVID19 initiative lets you donate to organizations like Philippine Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam Philippines, Caritas Manila through their online payment channels. Currently, there are two ways of donating. Through the website and through the app.

For those donating through the app, you just need to visit, choose which organization you want to donate to, then input all essential details once you check out. Through the Paymaya app, just go to pay bills, choose the organization you want to donate to, enter 00000 in the account number field, and input the amount you wish to donate.

Lazada is also doing the same through its LazadaForGood initiative. Those who want to donate via Lazada simply need to visit the LazadaForGood microsite, choose which organization they want to donate to, and input their essential details upon checkout.

Always remember: even if you are just staying at home during these trying times, there are different ways that you can help out those in need.

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