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From left to right: myself, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Millet Liberato-Simeon. Thanks for letting me use our photos, ladies!

I love traveling.  Still, I don’t have a lot of souvenirs to show for it because I’ve always been an advocate of photos being the best souvenir that one can ever have. That’s why having awesome pictures is very important to me. The thing is, that can be quite challenging if you’re not really a photographer and if you’re unfamiliar with the place.  

I was thrilled when I was told about Sweet Escape, an app that connects travelers to local photographers in over 300 destinations around the world.  You may have heard about it from celebrities like Anne Curtis or Maxene Magalona who have also booked their shoots using this app. I’m no celebrity and I’m certainly not very comfortable in front of the camera but I took the plunge and booked my Sweet Escape experience during my quick trip to Korea for the LG Innofest.  

Shot in an alley somewhere in Bukchon Hanok Village

I absolutely loved it!

Travelers are given up to 2 hours for the shoot.  Now that may seem a bit short but it’s actually more than enough time to get awesome photos when you’re with a professional photographer who knows the most instagrammable spots in his hometown.  

At the Gyeongbokgung Palace grounds.


Photos really are all about the angles. The palace was packed when we visited and yet it looks like I had it all to myself in this picture.

Our photographer’s name in Seoul is Hendry and kudos to him for making awkward me feel comfortable in front of the camera.  He taught me how to pose and position myself and was so sincerely nice that I immediately felt like we were BFFs!  He spoke Filipino impressively well which was a big plus.  I didn’t know till waaaaay after the shoot that he was the same guy who shot the prenup of Anne Curtis in Nami Island. 😀

Shot at the residential area near Bukchon Hanok Village.

Booking a shoot with Sweet Escape is easy!  Just download the app, input the time you’re available for the shoot, meet the photographer and start snapping away.  You’ll receive the low res version of your photos within 3 days and from that, you can choose your 40 favorites and you can download them in high res.  They’re then all yours to post online, print and keep forever.

A photoshoot with Sweet Escape costs $300 to $500 depending on your location.  If it seems a bit steep, just share the shoot (and the cost) with friends, which is exactly what we did.  

Photos turn out so instagrammable with Sweet Escape.  What a great way to create priceless memories of your travels that you can keep as a souvenir.

Lea Cruz

A hardcore Star Wars fan, we’ve been calling Lea the Philippines’ Princess of Tech. She serves as the Lifestyle Editor at Unbox and the host for some of our YouTube videos.

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