Arnold Schwarzenegger Voices Waze As The Terminator

Terminator Waze
He’ll always makes sure you get back

Waze is our go-to navigation app. Aside from letting us know exactly where that trendy new spot is in town from our homes in the wilds of the North (aka San Mateo), it provides real-time traffic information about the eternally traffic infested nightmare that is Manila. There’s another reason why we love it so much – the ability to change the navigation voice to celebrities. We had a blast riding around listening to Terry Crews as he told us to go left with the authority that only he could deliver, and now there’s another reason for you to start using Waze (if you aren’t a user already).

USA Today is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger has lent his voice to Waze as part of the Terminator: Genisys PR push leading up to the film’s release. And while the gubernator won’t be pronouncing street names any time soon (just imagine him trying to say Recto or Espana), he’ll be able to give you basic turn-by-turn navigation prompts during your travels. He’ll also give you the standard “Hasta la vista, Baby” at the end of the trip.


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