Atari CEO Says They’re Back In the Hardware Business

A New Atari Console Is Coming

E3 has just recently come to a close, and while we know some of you may be psyched for some of the new titles and IPs announced, this bit of news really piqued our interest. Atari started teasing a new console about a week ago, and their CEO, Fred Chesnais, confirmed that something was in the works by simply saying:

We’re back in the hardware business.

It’s being called the Ataribox and, from what we can see in the extremely short video, it looks to be a complete throwback from their console from the days of have a single button and really clunky joystick to play your games with; complete with wood panels.

A lot of people are thinking that Atari may be riding the wave that Nintendo started when they brought back the NES Classic or Famicom for a limited period of time. That may be the case, but the fact that the units from Nintendo sold out and the Nokia 3310 stole the show at MWC proves that nostalgia works.

Source: VentureBeat

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