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Batman Hybrid Metal Figuration by Hero Cross


The Dark Knight!

After buying Stormtrooper and Superman from the Hybrid Metal Figuration series of Hero Cross, we went out and added the Dark Knight, Batman, to our collection. Just like the first two figures, this one is made from 70% alloy and 30% PVC. The metal material gives it a very nice and solid heft, a good reassurance that the figure isn’t some cheap rip-off.

Inside the box we found the Batman figure, extra hand pegs, a Batarang, a Bat Signal spotlight, two capes (one solid, one cloth that’s more posable), and 4 batteries. We initially thought that the batteries were just for the spotlight but it turns out you put two of the four batteries inside the figure’s head and the eyes light up! Just like how Batman used it in The Dark Knight Returns against the Joker (see photo above).


The articulation points made the figure quite posable but we did had some problems with the hand pegs. For some reason some of them were too loose. Other than that though this was a superb figure and simply a joy to add to our growing collection. Here are a few more photos for your perusal.





We bought this fig from a toy store in Shoppesville Plus in Greenhills called Play Giant. SRP was Php3,500. We’re not sure though if they have any stocks left.

Carlo Ople

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