BB-8: The Star Wars Droid You’re Looking for!

HOLY MOTHER OF R2-D2! It’s BB-8 and he’s going to be your little playmate until the latest Star Wars movie hits the silver screen this December!


The crazy guys from Sphero, creators of app-enabled robotic balls, naturally partnered with Disney to create an authentic BB-8 toy/mini-replica for all us Star Wars nerds! Woot! With enough love and attention this droid is getting, it looks like the new Star Wars franchise is off to a good start!

May the Force Be on our wallets! T_T I wuntz!
May the Force Be on our wallets! T_T I wuntz!


As mentioned on the video, BB-8 is app-enabled. You control his functions via your iOS, Android and (soon) even Windows devices (BOO-YEAH! The Force IS strong with this one)! While there’s no word on the pricing yet, I’m sure true aficionados and sci-fi collectors would definitely splurge on this little droid regardless of how much internal organs they need to sell-off. Maybe throw your old car and barter it with a toydarian. Who knows? The important thing is to get that droid!!!

For more info on Sphero’s BB-8 check their official site at

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