BBM Is Finally Closing Down

A paid version will still be available

BlackBerry’s revolutionary BlackBerry Messenger is finally closing down for free users. Emtek, the company that took over the BBM app since they acquired it back in 2016 said in a blog post that they will end support for the app at the end of May.

It was inevitable, as BBM hasn’t really been in the minds of consumers even after the previously BlackBerry-exclusive messaging service was made available for Android and iOS back in 2013. Despite adding more features and functionality to the messaging app, its user base in countries outside of Indonesia (where BlackBerry continued to have die-hard fans until recently) never really took off compared to its rivals.

The paid, enterprise version of the app, dubbed BBMe will continue to exist, and for people who still can’t let go of the BBM app can try the paid version for free for six months. From there you can decide if you want to stay with BBMe for $2.50 a month, but we’re guessing a vast majority of the population will stick with more popular (not to mention free) messaging solutions.


John Nieves

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