Bluetooth-Enabled Fidget Spinner Hits Crowd-Funding Site

Everything Is Better with Bluetooth? Nope.

You’ve most likely seen, heard of, or maybe even own a couple of fidget spinners. These tiny little toys are supposed to help you stop fidgeting by giving you something else to focus on. We’ve seen a ton of videos of people doing tricks with them, and it looks like someone is planning on cashing in on the current craze by having it connect to your smartphone so you can battle it out with people on the street.

This is BlueSpin. If the name — not to mention our headline — wasn’t enough of a clue, it is a Bluetooth-enabled Fidget Spinner.

You can connect Blue Spin to an app on your phone, where it can track the max speed of your spinning, tricks you pull off, and give them corresponding points. The app lets you see people in the area who threw money at this idea, and allows you to duel them. Why? Because, reasons.

It seems like not a lot of people are willing to back the crowd-funding campaign, because these darned things cost $49 or just under Php 2.5k. As of the time of writing this article, BlueSpin has earned $0. While we don’t like poking fun at the misfortune of others, we’re kinda glad that this isn’t a thing. Even at the height of the fidget spinner craze, we wouldn’t recommend spending on something like this; even more so now that it’s about to reach its end.

It’s your prerogative whether or not to buy if this becomes a thing though, but it’s a hard pass for us.

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Jamie Inocian

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  1. Ang mahal naman kasi ng bentahan nila. Kung nasa 800-1k lang ito, malamang kumita pa mga ito. Maski ako, hindi ako ibili kung ganyan kamahal.

  2. Hello guys, the Indiegogo campaign wil be available from 1 of JULY that’s why BlueSpin has earned 0.

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