Breathe New Life To Old PCs Via Rasberry Pi’s Pixel OS

Planned obsolescence is a big problem for people who want to keep using their old machines, and like it or not your old clunkers will eventually give up the ghost if you try to use them with more advanced versions of Windows. That’s something not lost on the folks behind the Rasberry Pi foundation. They’ve just released an experimental version of their Linux-based Pixel OS for Windows and Mac PCs, which should breathe new life to your old clunkers.


The Pixel OS comes with the Chromium web browser and a suite of productivity and coding tools, and should work on most obsolete machines. The only requirement for the OS is at least 512MB of RAM. If your old machine has that, it should be able to run it, just like Rasberry Pi founder Eben Upton’s ThinkPad X40.

Upton says that the OS is easy to use and can be burned either to a DVD or a USB stick. Just boot your machine using either method, and the OS will run without needing to install anything. You get a browser plus a few productivity tools, but that’s more than enough for people who want to gift their old machines to their kids or other members of their family. Because of the lighweight nature of the OS, it can be installed on aging machines in schools, giving less fortunate students a means to browse the web and a gateway to learn code.

The new OS is still in its early stages and will be improved as time goes on. If you want to check it out, you can go here to find it.


John Nieves

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