Catch ‘Em All With The Special Edition New Nintendo 2DS XL

Just in Time for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

A few months back, Nintendo revealed the New 2DS XL and proved that they’ve been listening to their consumers. The new version of the handheld was more pocketable and easier to bring around due to the fact they’ve re-added the clamshell design that the company deep-sixed with the first version of the device.

The New 2DS XL looked a lot closer to the New 3DS XL with a few minor changes to speaker placement and a cuter facade, but these new Special Edition versions of the handheld console will have any Pokemon fan (PokeFan?) asking retailers to take their money.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL will get getting two Pokemon themed special editions, but it looks like only the Poke Ball edition is making it to the West; which means that this the version we’re most likely getting in stores as well. As you can clearly see in the photo above, the Poke Ball edition will be arriving on November 3 but Japan is surprisingly getting them just in time for the release of the new Pokemon games. They are, however, getting the cute Pikachu Edition that we wish would make it here as well.

Aside from that, we’re also seeing two new color variants for the 2DS XL but we aren’t sure if these will make it to other regions out of Japan. Pricing for the Special Edition units have yet to be revealed but, as expected, the new color variants should follow along with the pricing accustomed to seeing for the handheld.

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