CD-R King Outs a Pair of Budget Bluetooth Fitness Trackers

Sub-1K pricing, for the fitness enthusiast on a budget

“We’ve got it all for you!” remarked that somewhat-catchy department store commercial. CD-R King, the local monarch of budget gizmos, would do well to appropriate that slogan for himself, at the rate his empire is growing. Yes, indeed, the King has it all for you (tech-wise) and again, on this auspicious day, he has new (affordable) gadgets to grace his fiefdom with. Behold, CD-R King Bluetooth Fitness Trackers!

Unfortunately, the King forgot to mention the features of these new blessings. We’ll just go with “basic Bluetooth fitness tracker” features such as Bluetooth support (duh), step counter, distance traveled, mobile app integration, yadda.

Also, that Php 990 black fitness band looks like a Xiaomi Mi Band. Just sayin’.

Source: CD-R King


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