Cebu City Is The Worst City To Drive In, According To Waze

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If you commute to your job on a daily basis, you know just how much a nightmare it is to get around in the Metro. You’d think that Manila would automatically win (or lose, depending on how you look at it) any kind of competition for the worst traffic imaginable, but you’d be wrong.

According to a driver satisfaction survey conducted by traffic app Waze, Cebu City has been tagged as the worst city to drive in the country ranking at the very bottom of the 186 cities included in the list.

Manila managed to climb up a few spots, and currently sits at number 170.

Of the 38 countries included in the report, the Philippines sits near the bottom, at 37th place. The only other crappier place to drive? El Salvador, which is still the worst country to drive according to Waze users, unmoved from last year.

So what are the best places to drive? According to the report, that’s Netherlands, France and the US, accordingly. Three of the best cities to visit if you’re a driver are all French cities – which include Valence, Tours and Lemans.


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    1. In Manila, you actually have traffic enforcers that do their job. Sure, sometimes they’re the unscrupulous types. But in Cebu? Good luck finding one AT ALL.

      Also, in Cebu, there’s a vast majority of people riding on motorcycles. And a lot these people come from the nearby provinces where there are literally no rules on the road. Guess what’s going to happen when they encounter traffic?

      Ang mas malala lang talaga sa Manila, yung TRAFFIC. Sagwa mag-drive dito sa Cebu kasi MAS walang disiplina drayber dito. Walang nanghuhuli eh.

      1. i laughed hard at your comment. you’re a dumb ass. for motorcycles, what would you want them to do then when its traffic? Isn’t it the purpose of having a motorcycle to ride through the traffic? and traffic enforces ARE VISIBLE and having many of them does not solve the traffic when there’s just too many vehicles.

  1. Maliit ang land area ng pinas para sa kasalukuyang populasyon ng pinas. At lalong magiging grabe ang sitwasyon sa mga susunod pang panqhon. Kahit pitpitin nyo utak at pigain ay wala ng solusyon ang traffic na iyan. Pagtuunan na dapat ng gobyerno kung paano pigilan ang mabilis na pagtaas ng populasyon.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Pro – poor policies generally end up creating more poor people. Poor = dumb = more kids. Apathy is actually the answer. People who don’t help themselves don’t deserve sympathy. Translation: let them bitches starve.

  2. lol, its only because this past 3 months the roads were getting fixed and the sidewalks bricked like a city should be. I now doubt your sources.

  3. Ako saksing mag papatunay taga caloocan ako, at madalas akong pumunta ng cebu nanirahan pa nga ako doon ng strair 3yrs mga 2001-2004 pa at last yr naka 2 punta ako, ako mahaba pasensya ko sa traffic dito sa metro manila, pero last dec lintik sumuko ako sa traffic mga between 10-12″am bali nasa tapat ako ng gaisano metro lapu lapu ako going to old mactan bridge to cebu city grabe 30mins at o mahigit walang galawan un. Kaya base last yr naku po mapapa antanda ka sa trapik sa cebu kasi sa daming road maintenance buruin mo 2 lane traffoc road un old bridge n naging 1 lane n lang, eh un lang ang daan papuntang cebu kung galing ka mercado lapu lapu.

    1. Sure uy, naboang naka. Suwayi daw ug ma 1 lane, asa man agi ang mga padung syudad, unsa imo gustong buhatun nila, imo silang itagak sa dagat? So ironic!

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