Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster First Look

Marvel is currently dominating the summer movie season with their superhero flicks. You’d think it would be difficult to promote anything given the clutter right? Well step aside enhanced and genetically engineered American boys, thunder demi-gods, and giant alien robots! From the darkness comes one of the most controversial and beloved heroes of our time – Batman. Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers are busy filming the third Dark Knight movie starring Christian Bale once again as Bruce Wayne. Much like the previous two Dark Knight films, a colossal creative marketing campaign is starting to unfold. The poster for Dark Knight Rises was just released online and rather than describing it, we’ll just share it with everyone here at Unbox.

Boom. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to open Summer of 2012.

Share your thoughts on the poster below!

Author’s Note: So that was a let-down, The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer that was supposed to shown during the Harry Potter screening didn’t occur. Or at least it wasn’t available in our IMAX theaters. Will try to catch the boy-wizard again on normal cinemas this weekend to see if the studios do decide to include them there.

Will keep you guys posted. 🙂

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  1. Hahaha! If you catch the last Harry Potter movie you may actually get a chance to see the trailer. It was reported that the teaser trailer for the Dark Knight Rises will be attached to the boy-wizard’s final film. 🙂

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