Department of Tourism Wants More Pokemon “Lures” At Tourist Spots

Unbox X07 - DOT PokeGo

Even the Department of Tourism (DOT) has jumped in on the Pokémon Go phenomenon. In an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin, the Department of Tourism said that they are planning to ask Niantic, the game’s developers, to place more “lures” in tourist traps all over the country. We’re pretty sure they mean Pokéstops, but yeah, good job cashing in on the craze, DOT.

Pokemon Go is doing what the tourism department is trying to do and that is to encourage people to get off the couch and explore the community. Some do not know that there is a church near their condo, for instance,” Tourism Media Director Ina Zara Loyola told Manila Bulletin in an exclusive interview.

With the booming success of the Pokémon Go “lure parties” held by commercial establishments all over the nation last weekend, the Department of Tourism also aims to use the game to bring more people – especially foreign tourists – to the best of what the country has to offer.

“Right now, we are contemplating to check if they can put more lures in some tourism spots that are safe for players to walk around. We heard that we only need to send them an email. We heard some countries have done it already,” Loyola added.

The DOT is eyeing Intramuros, Rizal Park, and Nayong Pilipino as the first tourist spots to get more Pokéstops. “You see, not all the people in Manila go to Luneta,” Loyola noted.

Let’s hope Niantic indulges the DOT and adds more Pokéstops all over the country. Maybe add a couple of legendary Pokémon or two at the tourist Pokéstops too? We would love to catch a Moltres at Bohol’s Chocolate Hills Pokéstop, or an Articuno over at Palawan’s Subterranean River Natural Park.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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  1. Research-research muna pag may time, DOT, before issuing statements like these– Lures don’t appear in PokeStops, they are placed there by human trainers.

  2. Noon pa kayo dapat nagrequest DOT. When it was first released in NZ and US and the craze was all over the news. Hopefully, mapagbigyan agad kayo ng Niantic.

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