Disney to go Against Netflix with Disney+

Expect your favorite Marvel shows to be revived via Disney+

Disney is expanding its content services with Disney+. Aiming to compete against Netflix, Disney+ offers a variety of content from their own properties like Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars. Aside from that, Disney+ plans to include Hulu and ESPN sports as part of a discounted bundle.

Marvel shows like Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage will likely end up being revived on Disney+ since Marvel Entertainment is a Disney subsidiary.

As far as pricing is concerned, Disney announced that Disney+ will be priced at $6.99/month(~Php 400) or $69.99/year(~Php 3.7k). This makes it competitively priced against Netflix, where the standard plan will cost you Php 460/month locally.

Disney+ will officially launch in the US on November 12. No word yet if Disney+ will be made available to the Philippines.


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