Drink Up! OnePlus Dash Energy Cuts the Need for Sleep in Half!

Milo? OnePlus Dash Dash Charge Kicks Energy Gaps Ass.

We’ve always been told to get the right amount of sleep. Sleep specialist will tell you to get at least 8 hours a day to give our bodies’ a time to shut down and recharge for the work we have to face the following day. Trouble is, sometimes work gets in the way of having the time to go out at the end of the night or when you just want to sit in front of your PC to play the latest triple A title everyone’s talking about. OnePlus wants you to let you live more of your life by cutting the time it takes to charge up our bodies by giving us a dash of energy with their new beverage.

We’re guessing you know that it’s an April’s Fool dig by now, but OnePlus is really stepping up their game this year and actually handing out Dash Energy drinks in certain parts of Europe plus give a 15% discount on their Dash Charges with the bundled USB Type-C cables on their website. One of the locations they’ve disclosed as of right now is in Bishop Square in London, which is just an 18 hour flight away if you fancy getting this April Fool’s Day promotional beverage.

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