EA to Release Remastered Versions of Command and Conquer, Red Alert

The remastered version will include all three expansion packs of Red Alert

Get those Tesla Coils and Iron Curtain ready: EA announced that it will be releasing remastered versions of Command and Conquer and Red Alert. Plans for the remasters include 4K gameplay and all of the expansion packs “without any microtransactions”.

To make the remaster possible, EA is in talks with Petroglyph Games. The said studio has many of the original developers from Westwood Studios—the game studio that developed the original Command and Conquer game in 1995. Among those EA has recruited include former Red Alert Lead Programmer Steve Tall, former Command & Conquer composer Frank Klepacki, and Mike Legg—one of the original employees of Westwood Studios that contributed to the game’s audio systems.

While EA has yet started work on the Command and Conquer Remasters, they remain optimistic, stating that “the community has every opportunity to help influence” the development of the game.


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