Editorial: Meet the New Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Robot-Chicken, Legion) will be wearing the legendary “breastplate” and tiara because she will be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming NBC revamp. To those who don’t know who Wonder Woman is, she’s a ridiculously powerful lady who can fly, rides an invisible jet (whut), and can make you tell the truth if you’re caught in her lasso. She’s also known as the “Queen of the Amazons”. The original Wonder Woman was Linda Carter.

New photos of costume tests are now roaming the web and we’re not too sure we’re happy with what we’re seeing. Although Adrianne Palicki does resemble Miss Carter, I’m not too happy with the costume choice. It seems that the executives at NBC are playing it safe by having Wonder Woman wear shiny blue leggings. How do you expect her to fight with something as restricting as that? Plus for some reason the Aegis Armbands of Athena seemed flimsy as well as her tiara and the golden eagle breastplate. Her equipment actually make her more powerful so it’s a bit frustrating to see her wearing “cheap” imitations. We just hope that these are just seriously test costume shots. There’s a lot of room for improvement!

DC did a good thing with Batman Begins; let’s hope they don’t start screwing things up with Wonder Woman.

What do you guys think? Personally I’d wish they’d paid more attention to this fan-made poster. Now that’s a Wonder Woman!



Written by: Colin Chan

Carlo Ople

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  1. I’m truly disappointed with this new Wonder Woman revamp look. The costume definitely look cheap and I don’t find Palicki fit the character of Wonder Woman. Instead of casting someone who looks like Carter, they should have based it on the character. Megan Fox would have looked much better, but I personally think Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker) would have been a better choice. She can act and in my opinion she fits the look of a Wonder Woman more than Palicki.

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