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Editorial: The New Unreal Engine is the future of gaming

Gaming these days have much to do about how wonderfully the game is rendered as to how enjoyable the gameplay is. When I first got my hands on my PS3 (I jumped from PS1 console to a PS3 skipping PS2 era altogether) I was pretty much pissing my pants on every single game that I bought for the sheer jaw-dropping graphic spectacle!

As more and more games are pushing the boundaries of these new consoles, UNREAL, in the 2011Game Developers Conference (GDC) showcased what gamers like us have been yearning for:

What’s so good about this you ask? Why, it’s not a movie, that’s what! Yes folks, we’re talking about real cinema-like IN-GAME graphics! This is the future of gaming run with the new Unreal Engine. Not to sound too techie but this demo was played using three (3) Nvidia GeForce GTX 580s (which is basically one of the –if not the fastest– most bad-ass graphic processing unit in the market).

Of course in terms of console gaming, we’re probably looking at Next-Generation consoles here. I doubt they’ll be available in the next couple of years but, hey, I could be wrong.

It’s amazing how fast technology is rapidly advancing. I can still remember spending countless ours playing Tetris on a game brick.

For more in-depth info on new features of the new Unreal Engine 3, check this article from

Carlo Ople

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