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Editorial: What’s the point of Bluray?

Welcome to Unbox’s Bluray Mondays! This is a weekly entry where we review, discuss, and talk anything about Blurays from movie reviews to equipment reviews/previews! To kick things off let me just share with you guys what’s so nice about Bluray using DVDs as a benchmark. While a lot of people think that DVD is the clearest form of video, they’re mistaken. Bluray has crisper, sharper, and clearer images. Watching your favorite movies on Bluray is a far better treat for yourself than settling with DVDs.

Here’s how Bluray goes above and beyond DVD:

– Bluray plays up to 1080p (1920×1080) unlike DVDs which can only go 720×480. This means better resolution and data.
– Bluray reads more data per second at 23.94 MB/s compared to DVD 4-5 MB/s
– Bluray discs store up to 50GB while DVD can go up to only 9GB.
– Bluray has software support which means your hardware also benefits from the updates.

The numbers pretty much sum it all up: Bluray is better. However what’s the total impact to the viewing experience? Better visuals and the fact that producers usually pack Bluray packages with more bonus contents because they have better margins on it compared to pirateable DVDs.

For those wanting a more visual proof, check the following images below:

Watch out for our weekly Bluray entries! 🙂

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