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Enjoy freenet’s Lure Caravan, Apply as a Lure Manager!

Unbox 95 - freenet Lure Caravan
Looks like that viral “lure manager” job posting was the real deal after all! Voyager Innovations’ free online platform, freenet is going all out, Pokemon Go style, with the launch of its Lure Caravan event. As per the viral job post, and confirmed through a representative, they’re really looking for qualified Lure Managers for the event. Now that’s a super effective marketing campaign.

freenet’s Lure Caravan will begin this Monday, August 29, at selected areas around Metro Manila. Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers can enjoy free, timely updates on where they can take advantage of the all-day Lure Caravan locations when they download freenet and register an account using their mobile numbers.

Android users can download the app through this link. iOS users, head over to this link to get the app.

Here’s hoping they expand their Lure Caravan to Cebu soon so I can take advantage of their sweet, sweet Pokemon Go lures!

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Source: freenet

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  1. Good day just heard about lure manager job, I want to be part of your organization and want to apply for the job thank you very much.

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