Facebook Begins Testing Ads on Messenger

Welp. It was inevitable.

About a week ago, we reported that Instagram Stories users had surpassed the number of users on SnapChat and has prompted them to begin introducing ads in between your friends photos and short clips. Facebook introduced a similar feature to their Messenger app, along with its new layout, and it seems like they’ve begun testing ads on the app as well.

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The ads will only be seen in Australia and Thailand for now, with no plans to roll out the sponsored content on a global scale just yet; this is more of a testing phase according to our source.

But, really, we wouldn’t be surprised if an ad for a gadget you’ve been pining for or something related to your interests pops up on your Messenger feed soon.

Prepare for more disruption.

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  1. Messenger crashes on my phone. And same goes with the other phones of my friends. Naloko na talaga sila. tsk

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