Facebook Messenger is Now a Standalone Windows/Mac App

It can do group video calls now

After it was teased last year, Facebook has officially launched its standalone Messenger app for both Windows and Mac. Coming back after quite some time (there used to be a Messenger app for Windows, but it was pulled out), the new Messenger app makes navigating through multiple chat threads easier compared to the web version.

It supports group video calls, but is limited to 8 participants—that makes it limited in terms of potential use for videoconferencing. For reference, Zoom can support as many as 500 participants with its group video call feature. 

While Facebook did not mention that the Messenger app is more responsive compared to the browser-based version, our initial experience showed that the app loads chat threads faster. Other notable features of the desktop Messenger app include four different theme preferences, adjustable emoji skin tones, and support for sharing GIFs and stickers.

Messenger is downloadable via Apple’s App store or Microsoft Store.


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