Facebook Starts Rolling Out Find Wi-Fi Feature

A Big Help If You’re Out of Your Element

It’s pretty easy to find Free Wi-Fi in Manila. Heck, you can find a hotspot along EDSA or in the malls that we often frequent at pretty decent speeds too. Some people may not be so lucky or maybe you need a helping hand when you’re out of the country. This is why Facebook has been developing and has been testing a Find WiFi function on their app, which the popular social media platform will now been starting to officially roll out.

As the name suggests, you will soon be able to turn the function on using the Facebook mobile app to get the locations of establishments that offer Internet connections via WiFi and get directions on how to get there too. Catch is, these establishments will have to make sure that they include the fact that you can connect to the web at their shop by editing their page’s information.

Again, not so much of an issue for us Manilenyos because there’s pretty much an establishment that offers free WiFi at every corner.

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