Facebook Takes On Zoom With Messenger Rooms

Will Facebook provide better video conferencing experience?

Facebook will be launching a new video chat service that’s meant to take on the defacto video-conferencing app of the current apocalypse, Zoom.

Messenger Rooms won’t require users to have an account and will be integrated right into the company’s core social network and messenger app. It’ll allow video chats for around 50 people, and will have no time limit integrated into them, unlike Zoom that limits free users to 40-minute chunks of meeting time.

Users will be able to make “rooms” where you can use filters, and users will also be able to create a room with Facebook’s other products, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

While Facebook is positioning Messenger Rooms as consumer-friendly, more casual space compared to Zoom and similar options, Facebook’s new service will certainly drain a large portion of Zoom’s userbase that has adopted the video conferencing app to connect with colleagues as well as friends and relatives during widespread stay-at-home orders all over the world.

Easy integration with Facebook Messenger (which many people have) and Zoom’s current privacy controversies, as well as the frictionless way Facebook has managed to integrate new features in their apps, means that more people will opt to use Messenger Rooms compared to Zoom.


John Nieves

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