Facebook Wants To Express Your Feelings with Secret Crush

The social media platform wants to make dating easier

Here’s some good news if you happen to like someone from your circle of friends on Facebook: announced during F8, Facebook announced that they will be introducing a Secret Crush feature on their Facebook Dating platform.

With the said feature, you can add up to 9 friends to your Secret Crush list. If one of those nine friends opt for Facebook Dating, they will receive a notification if someone likes them. And just like Tinder, you will receive a notification if you matched with your Secret Crush.

“It’s all built with privacy in mind, and with the goal of building meaningfully long-term relationships and not just hookups” Facebook app head Fidji Simo said during F8.

Following the introduction of Secret Crush, Facebook is expanding its dating feature to 14 more countries including the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, and Chile. Right now, you can add any Facebook friends to your Secret Crush list even if they haven’t created a Dating profile yet.

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