Fetch Is Your On-demand Valet In BGC

Finally, a solution to parking woes

Finding parking in Metro Manila can be a bitch. And when you finally do find parking, you usually have to pay through the nose if you have a couple of things to do in BGC.

Ansakit, kuya

Thankfully, there is an alternative. Fetch is an on-demand valet service that allows people who work and visit BGC a way to park without paying exorbitant fees for parking after waiting an eternity for a spot to open.

Here’s how it works – you open the Fetch app on your phone, select your destination (fetch has a couple of pick-up points in BGC) and let them know how long you’ll be before you arrive. Fetch will send you the identity and contact information of your valet, and you hand off your keys to him once you arrive at your pickup point.

When the valet parks your car, they’ll send you a notification as well as a photo of the car parked in its slot. They’ll send over the car back to you when you need it back.

You’d think that an on-demand parking service would cost an arm and a leg, right? Not really – Fetch charges you just Php 45 per pickup and Php 1 for every 4 minutes, though the minimum stay here is 60 minutes, which comes out at just Php 15 per hour. If you work around the area, you’ll be paying Php 180 for a typical 9-hour work day.

Martin Luchangco, one of the guys behind Fetch told us that they park the cars only in secure parking slots within 1KM of the pick-up point, and use parking lots operated and managed by APMC. As for accidental damage when your car is being picked up by a valet, they tell us that they’ll cover any damage incurred by the valet, and they are supported by BPI/MS Insurance, with whom we have a P5 Million Comprehensive General Liability coverage.

Their valets go through the usual security checks, and have GPS on their person so management knows that they go from the pick-up point straight to the parking lot and aren’t taking your car for a joyride.

All payments are done via credit card for now, and unfortunately Fetch is available for iOS for now, though Android users can send them a message via Facebook to facilitate bookings.

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