Final Fantasy IX Coming To PCs and Smartphones This Year

Final Fantasy IX

Awesome news for Final Fantasy fans

While we’re all waiting for the remastered version of Final Fantasy VII to finally hit PS4s everywhere, Square Enix has great news for fans of the other, other Final Fantasy title that was a sleeper hit when it was released for the PS1 all those years ago. The company has announced that they are releasing Final Fantasy IX to PCs and smartphones this year.

While it’s not as universally well known as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX is still an awesome game on its own right, thanks mainly to the unique art style, story and characters. You can finally play with Zidane, Princess Garnet and all the other Final Fantasy IX characters as they try to figure out the truth of the Crystal and save their world from the encroaching darkness. No release date has been set for the game as of yet.


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  1. They’re on sale now for the Final Fantasy series in Android but still expensive but at least it’s easier to stomach paying 400 for the game (as opposed to 800 regular price). I KNOW when this comes out it’ll be expensive as always. Will wait for the sale again.

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