Funko Pops: Unboxed and Displayed or Mint-in-Box?

I love collecting toys, especially characters that I’ve grown fond of while watching them on the big screen in movies or on my phone. One line of toys that I occassionaly spend on is Funko Pop. You’ve probably seen these small vinyl figures in numbered boxes in malls and toy stores. I’m not a massive collector of them but I do have a couple of Funko Pops from Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, and Naruto.

Here are some photos of the Funko Pops in my living room and home office:

Gift from Deryk when I visited them in SFO!
My all-time favorite.

As you guys can see, I display them unboxed. Some people would rather keep them in mint condition in boxes and that makes sense if you’re a hardcore collector. I don’t do that though mainly because the boxes take up space, I want the figures openly displayed, and I don’t have plans of re-selling them in the future.

Answer this and Get a Chance to Win a Funko Pop!

This brings me to a quick question I wanted to pose here on Unbox for those who buy Funko Pops. Do you guys keep them in boxes or displayed outside? Let us know how you do it and why in the comments section below. We’ll raffle away a few Funko Pop figures to those who do. We’ll draw the winners this weekend (we’ll pick 3).

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Carlo Ople

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  1. I let them free, they’re too awesome to, to be kept inside their boxes. Plus I have super low EQ, I can’t resist…

  2. Boxed with protector as I’d like to keep them in mint condition (even the box). Also, its fun to see your Funko tower grow with each new piece if they are boxed. πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t have funko pop toys (but planning to buy some), but with my other collection, I prefer them out of the box. πŸ™‚

  4. I keep my Pops in their boxes for now, but I plan to display them unboxed (no pun intended). I’ve opened them anyway and have no plans of reselling them. Same goes for the other collectible figures I have (SH Figuarts, Girls Memories, etc.). I just feel that they deserve to be displayed and tinkered with. I didn’t have many toys growing up, so it’s fulfilling for me to get them out of the box and play with them. Haha.

  5. I don’t have any Funko Pop figures but I have a few Nendoroids. I would like to put them in a nice display case one day but for now they’re in the boxes in storage. I have opened several to photograph them.

  6. I wanted to purchase a Funko Pop figure but the are so many variations that you will think many times before getting one because of their unique flavor in each piece but I would say so far that they are one whole good collection. If I would have the chance to have one I’ll unbox it together with my other figmas because if you are a real collector you never sell your babies XD

  7. I only have a WonderWoman Funko POP for now and its still boxed, will eventually let it out once I have a better desk/table or cabinet to show it off =) … out of the box FTW!!

  8. I take them out initially just to appreciate and take photos then put them back in the box afterwards.The feeling of getting it out of box the 2nd or nth time makes me feel it’s new again.

  9. Keep it in the box if you have so much room to spare and you think it’s better to stack the boxes for display purposes. Con is that boxes are easier to dust and may rot sooner. On the other hand, I’d rather have my toys in a display shelf, out of their box as it is more pleasing to look at.

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