Game of Thrones Opening Gets 360 Treatment


The opening sequence to Game of Thrones has got to be one of the most recognizable ones to grace television screens for quite some time. The iconic theme song,  A Song of Fire and Ice, coupled with the tour of the lands of Westerns sets the scene for the show in glorious fashion. With 360 degree videos now all the rage and a daily part of our news feeds,  it’s only natural that we would soon be able to explore Westeros through this medium.


Facebook’s very own,  Mark Zuckerberg — who happens to be a big fan of the show —  took to his official account to announce the 360 degree treatment for Game of Thrones’ Opening sequence and now we can all get lost as we look around as the camera whooshes past Winterfell,  The Iron Islands,  King’s Landing, and the all of the other locations featured in the show’s opening.

Check out the link below. We recommend putting on your earphones to truly enjoy the experience.

Game of Thrones 360 Video

Jamie Inocian

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