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Get Free Stuff Just By Chatting On WeChat via WeRewards


Get rewarded with something you do everyday

We spend an inordinate time in messenging platforms and chat rooms everyday communicating with family friends and colleauges that it’s not even funny. Entire chunks of our time are spent talking with our workmates, sending emojis to our loved ones and just plain killing time that our bosses would probably freak out if they found out what we’ve been doing all day. What if you could turn all that time and effort spent chatting into prizes, discounts and freebies? That’s exactly what WeChat wants to do with their new WeReward program.

WeChat has partnered with top Philippine brands like Lazada, Foodpanda, Urbn, Raven and Runtastic to give users an extra incentive to chat all day with their friends, colleagues and family with WeChat. Here’s how it works: each day WeChat gives users simple, daily tasks (like making a 60-second voice or video call) that rewards 30 points. Accumulate enough points and you’ll be able exchange them for real-world items, freebies and discounts from WeChat’s partners.

25 reward points gets you Php 100 discount voucher in Lazada through their mobile app. 20 points gets you in the hottest clubs in town, Urbn and Raven BGC as well as a free alcoholic drink. 15 pts gets you a Php100 discount on FoodPanda. 15 pts gets you a whopping 50% off on a Runtastic Armband in Lazada!

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How to Access WeChat WeRewards

There’s literally no reason for you not to try WeChat. It’s free, easy to download and is available on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian).

Promo period is from May 20 to July 30, 2015, and is available for every member with a WeChat account. For more info on WeReward, simply open WeChat App, and look for ‘WeChat Team’ in your chat messages list. Click “WeReward” at the bottom of “WeChat Team”. Or, simply make a voice / video call now. (Essentially, it’s free, as long as you have data or wifi) and you’ll get your WeReward message with points right after.

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