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Google is Taking on iMessage with Android Messages

Another Messaging App Enters the Fray

There are so many messaging applications already and it looks like Google is bringing one more into the fray (apart from Allo). Say hello to Android Messages, Google’s attempt to take on the highly success iMessage of Apple with the iPhone. What’s so special about Android Messages? You can send and receive interactive messages. Not just cute emojis, but maps, boarding passes, and other types of content which allows for you to better interact with other people and businesses.

Google has been trying to get manufacturers and telcos to make it the default messaging app for all Android phones. However they haven’t been hugely successful. One of the biggest Android players, Samsung, declined to use it for their Galaxy phones. Several major telcos in the US have also said no to it. For now it looks like it will just be another messaging application that people can opt to get via the Play Store.

Here’s a video by CNET which gives a great explanation of the service.

You can download it now via the Google Play Store.

Carlo Ople

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