Google Maps Now Show Traffic Info For PH


A new navigation alternative?

If you’ve been driving in Manila for any stretch of time, you know that traffic here is terrible. You also probably know about Waze, a nifty little app that gives you real-time traffic information in the PH. Waze is probably the best traffic naviation app in the Philippines since it’s the only one that gives users real-time traffic information, but that’s about to change.

Google Maps

Google Maps 2

A reader gave us a heads-up that Google is now putting in traffic information in Google Maps, much in the same way as Waze. We’re not exactly sure how they’re accomplishing this, but however they’re doing it it’s great to see another app that’ll give users an idea of what traffic like is on the road.

Thanks Timothy!

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  1. Saw this trick via Android Police and I can confirm it works. Go to a place that has traffic data available (like a US city), select the traffic view, then go back to your own location (via the compass icon). You’re welcome!

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