Google Now Gets Scary Smart, Now Works Inside Apps

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Google Now is the smartest it’s ever been

Google’s just announced the improved version of Google Now during the company’s I/O developer conference today. The company’s virtual assistant is now able to take a look at whatever’s on screen and automatically suggest and take action in your behalf. To put it in layman’s terms, Google Now is taking context clues from what you’re looking at to get a clue of what you might be asking.


For example, you’re listening to a band whose lead singer’s name excapes you. You can bring up Google Now, ask it who is the lead singer is and it’ll show you the information you need. You don’t even have to specify to look for the name of the lead singer of the band you’re listening to right now – Google Now is smart enough to know that you’re referring to the band you’re currently listening to.


Google Now is also smart enough now to answer queries about things that are currently on screen, even in emails. If someone emailed you about a new movie, for example, you can find out more information about that particular movie by simply tapping and holding the screen until Google Now shows you detailed Cards about the movie mentioned in the email.


If you’re texting someone about a restaurant for example, Now can puill information of the restaurant you’re talking about, as well as check the rating, operating hours as well as menus.


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    The world has totally changed.. In a good way! 😀 😀

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    Next goal to google: Dont be evil

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