Google Photos Will Be Able To Convert Photos To PDF

It can also colorize old black and white photos as well

Google Photos is getting a shot in the arm in the next few months, as the search giant has announced several AI-powered features for the app that’ll be available soon.

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First up, suggested photos. The new feature does exactly what it says in the tin – it suggests smart actions for photos in your Google Drive folder, allowing you to send photos to people it thinks are in the picture. It’ll also suggest to automatically correct brightness if the picture is too dark for its liking as well.

For photos of documents, Google Photos will now be able to convert those into PDF, which makes it easier for you to digitize documents for later. And if you have a stack of old black and white photos, Google Photos will now be able to colorize them. This colorization feature isn’t just for old photos as well – you’ll also be able to apply color tricks to photos you take.

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