Grab PH Draws Ire Over Social Media Post

Not all memes should be shared by brands

Brands trying to cash in on new memes aren’t new, though sometimes their eagerness to cash in on the meme train leads to disastrous results. Ride-hailing app Grab tried to ride on the whole Gerald Anderson cheating issue by posting a meme on their Facebook wall, which promptly blew up in their face.

If you have been living under a rock lately, Gerald Anderson has been accused of cheating on girlfriend Bea Alonzo after a fan shared a photo of Gerald hanging out with Julia Barretto. Talks about the issue has opened up his past relationships with Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, and Sarah Geronimo – all women featured in Grab’s now deleted post.

Obviously commenting on a celebrity’s personal life, especially during a time where it’s not confirmed if he really did cheat on his current girlfriend is not cool. Thankfully someone from Grab’s social media team managed to get their crap together and the brand posted an apology soon after.

Moral of the story: be extra careful in posting content related to some issues, especially if it can compromise your brand.

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